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15400294_1198589606897825_3960218948403348744_n A 13 year old client who came in for severe anxiety, stress & panic attacks really likes his Neurofeedback Therapy!

He’s almost finished with his treatment plan so I asked him how he feels neurofeedback has changed him.

“It’s changed me a lot! He said. I no longer have panic attacks. I’m not anxious and stressed out anymore. I don’t worry about anything or anybody else. I mind my own business, but most of all I’m happier.”

His mom says “He always has a smile on his face and skips around now….he’s happy!”15355752_1198589600231159_4834086162456388366_n

All this makes me happy!!! So happy to help people who are looking for a Life Transformation!!

Are you looking for a new reality with more mental & emotional flexibility? This may be a great treatment for you.