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Want to take the first step to Heal Now?

Contact Heidi to set up your Introductory Heal Now Session (15 min by phone). We’ll discuss your challenges and what’s not working for you on your path to healing. If I can help you, we’ll then set up an in person appointment or tele-coaching session, whichever best suits your needs.

During our initial phone consultation, you’ll be offered an individualized plan to get started with one complete session or a series of recommended treatments (from the options listed below):

  • Transformational Healing Session – Using energy chakra work along with Human Design chart education (2.5 hours), plus ongoing sessions available as needed.
  • Neurofeedback Intake or Series – for those who are dealing mostly with physical areas, such as major anxiety/panic, sleep disturbances, problems with attention and/or focus, etc. (Intake- 90 min plus 6 sessions minimum for results or more)
  • Intuitive Counseling or Clairvoyant Healing Guidance

Your first step to Healing Now is
to schedule
your HEAL NOW Intro Session!