At Life Transformations Healing Studio we offer Transformational Healing Sessions, Neurofeedback Therapy, Human Design Coaching, plus Bar Access Consciousness Sessions, Intuitive Counseling, Clairvoyant Healing Guidance, and have referral partners for Astrological Consulting, Community Meditation, and more.

Neurofeedback Therapy: helps people of all ages exercise their brainwaves and strengthen their mind to promote life changes and symptom reduction. Neurofeedback therapy is a great way to address symptoms related to stress, attention, anxiety, depression, anger management, sleep-loss, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity. Her emphasis is on reducing symptoms and increasing long-term personal success.

Contact Heidi to set up your Introductory Heal Now Session (15 min by phone).

Together, we will discuss your challenges and what’s not working for you on your path to healing. If she can help you, we’ll then set up an in person appointment or series of recommended treatments that most meet your desired outcomes.