Hi… I’d like to introduce myself; I’m Ms. Heidi A. Seastrand, M.A. owner of FIREFLY HAVEN and LIFE TRANSFORMATIONS HEALING STUDIO.  I’ve been professionally helping people with their mental, emotional and spiritual health for over 17 years.  My Master’s Degree is in Clinical Psychology and prior to stating my own practice I worked as a Clinical Social Worker and Therapist Intern for almost 5 years with over 3,000 supervised clinical hours.

I often get asked about what it is that I do and how I do it.  Well, I am a well educated life experienced intuitive healer.  The intuitive healing that I do is a blend of different modalities that have lead to major shifts and ultimately life transformations for me and my clients.  I call it “Sci-Woo” the bridge between science the scene tested tried and true; and the unseen the spiritual psychological woo, our energy is the frequency between the two.

How does it work?

First, I like to start with looking up your Human Design using your birth date information giving me a scientific calculation of neutrinos displayed in a colorful chart.  This chart is your personalized road map written in the stars from the day you were born allowing us to look at how your energy flows; where you take in information and where you hold space and emit information i.e.….Energy.   I’m also looking at your life theme and resources to gently guiding you back to a place of self-acceptance.   Reminding you of the tools you have available to use, the territory you are designed to cultivate and how to trust yourself in how to get there.

Then I look at your Chakra System in my mind’s eye and intuit an even clearer picture of where you are holding on to information that is causing “dis-ease” in your body, spirit and aura.  Just like you update your software on your computer to defrag and clear out viruses, I am able to update your Energetic Software elevating your overall frequency and function.  Since my goal is to change your frequency and shift your reality sometimes I use Neurofeedback to assist. It helps get some of life’s accumulated traumas in your neuroplasticity smoothed out and of the way.

Neurofeedback exercises the brain and offers a protocol, what I like to call a ‘Brainwave Cocktail’ that works directly on the brains frequency guiding and strengthening it, helping create new neuropathways.  By exercising your brainwaves it leaves behind symptoms of depression, anxiety and overall stress, which ultimately allows you to experience an enhanced feeling of inner peace.  By having more comfort in your body and access to new mental and emotional skills you begin to gain a lifestyle you desire.

I’m also a trained spiritual guide and assist in getting clarity from those who have passed, have a message or have unfinished business in this dimension.  Each person’s journey is unique and specific to them so it’s hard to say what to expect or what’s required until we set out on our healing voyage. This initial process is anywhere from 2 to 3 hours long dependant on your needs and packs quite a punch in a short amount of time.  I recommend this treatment for people who are ready and willing to jump start their lives into a new direction accessing change right now!  I do prefer to do the first session in person but I can do it via phone not including the Neurofeedback that is done in my healing studio at FIREFLY HAVEN.

Initial Session… 2 hours:                                                          $275

Individual Sessions…1hour:                                                       $150

Transformational Healing Session 3 hours:                                    $375

Series of Five 1 hour Neurofeedback or Intuitive Coaching:             $575

I do offer on-going treatment after your Initial Session or Transformational Healing for those looking for major changes. I do also offer a series of intuitive coaching sessions, as well as, individual, family and couple sessions.  It all depends on what is right for you and what you want to achieve. Some of my clients are on an intensive program and come in for a series of treatments anywhere from 1 to 5 times a week depending on symptoms and crisis level. Other clients do tele-coaching sessions also in a series and some do tune-ups as needed. It’s all tailored to your individual needs symptoms and treatment plan.

If you’re ready to dance with life and refresh your lifestyle I can help you develop a new perspective, fresh skills and access more mental and emotional flexibility.  Give me a call today to see if I’m your intuitive guide for your healing journey!

Heidi Seastrand, M.A.  805.295.9417
Life Transformations @ FIREFLY HAVEN

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