Are you ready for change?

Do you struggle with Life Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Focus, Low Self Esteem, and Emotional Outbursts? If this is you, then you came to the right place to find relief!

Hi, I’m Heidi Seastrand, M.A. owner of Life Transformations @ FIREFLY HAVEN. I understand what you’re going through and I’m here to help. I have years of personally and professionally experience with advanced trained in many healing modalities and I can help you. Call me so we can discuss how I can do that. Tell me about what’s not working and I’ll help you develop a treatment plan for success.

Heidi Seastrand, M.A.
Clinical + Intuitive + Neuro + Healing

I have a Bachelors Degree in Recreation and a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology with extensive advanced training in Clinical Therapy, Social Work, Human Design Coaching, Neurofeedback and a variety of Intuitive and Energy Healing Modalities.

I have been practicing in San Luis Obispo County for almost two a decades. Not only is this work my professional passion, I too have struggled with some of these issues in the past and found success. Neurofeedback, Human Design and Intuitive Healing worked for me, and it can work for you, too!

I like to start my sessions by looking up your Human Design. Human Design is essentially your energetic blue prints to how you operate both consciously and unconsciously from the day you were born. To me it’s a road map of how your energy works, what brings you satisfaction, and makes you frustrated. I’ll show you how to work with it, accept it, harness it and have it work for you. It can actually be a fun process believe it or not.

Neurofeedback is my favorite non-invasive treatment to reduce symptoms by exercising your brain through EEG computer software to create new neuro-connections. This treatment jumpstarts your brain’s own chemistry allowing it to heal and create new perspectives and new possibilities for long-term changes. Excellent treatment for all ages.

Intuitive Healing happens when you become aware of what is going on energetically and make conscious changes and choices. It’s kind of like cognitive behavioral therapy meets quantum physics using the law of attraction. With Heidi as your guide you can dramatically heal your life in a short amount of time by gaining access to your own vitality, purpose and life theme.

Are you ready to spark change, be happy and live purposefully?

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